All of our products come beautifully packaged - you really can tell our books by their covers.

On this page we have selected some which are especially suited because of their size, their shelf life, and their ambient temperature storage and transport for hamper companies, corporate gifts, marketing and promotions.


Specialty Retailers such as . . .

  • newsagencies
  • pharmacies
  • florists
  • gift shops
  • homewares
  • bookshops
  • confectioners

Hamper Companies

From the outset, so much of our range has been designed with hamper company clients in mind - including hamper packs of some of our most popular ranges.


Corporate Gifts

Brilliant presentation and size make so many of our products perfect for impressing your clients, customers and staff.

And we can add your corporate badging.


Marketing & Promotions Companies

Ideal look and size for promotions, and can be given your client’s badging.

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