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Christmas at The Gourmet Merchant

Traditional and Contemporary Christmas Puddings and Desserts

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Classic “Partridge in a Pear Tree” Christmas Pudding Collection

The glossy “Partridge in a Pear Tree” themed packaging looks brilliant on Christmas retail in-store presentations.

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Classic Christmas Pudding Display Packs

1.4kg, 500gm

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Classic Christmas Pudding Hexagonal Pack

200 gm

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Classic Christmas Pudding Pillow Packs

The 200gm hamper pack and the 100 gm pillow pack really say you’re offering something very special in your hampers and corporate gifts and in gift retailers.

Our food service clients love the pillow packs for table gifts and turn-downs

In all modesty, they are the jewels of Christmas Puddings.

Christmas Puddings in Ceramic Bowls

Christmas Pudding in White Ceramic Bowl

Classic Christmas Pudding in White Ceramic Bowl


christmas pudding red ceramic bowl

Classic Christmas Pudding in a Red Ceramic Bowl

1 kilo

Classic Christmas Puddings in Cloth

Christmas Puddings in Cloth

1.4 kg

1 kg

500 gm

250 gm

120 gm

Gluten-Free Christmas Puddings

Our Gluten-Free Christmas Puddings have won awards at the Melbourne Royal Show

The “Secret Ingredient” in Our Gluten-Free Christmas Puddings is Gippsland’s famous “Hatlifter Stout.”

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Gluten Free Classic Christmas Puddings in Hessian Cloth

1 kg - 500 gm - 250 gm

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Gluten Free Classic Christmas Puddings in Green Cloth

1 kg - 500 gm - 250 gm

Christmas Puddings for Food Service & Catering

Classic Food Service Christmas Pudding

Classic Christmas Pudding 110gm

A huge Food Service favourite for so many years.

chocolate truffle dessert pudding Christmas

Chocolate Truffle Pudding 110gm

A luscious take on a Christmas pudding.

cranberry cinnamon chriustmas pudding

Cranberry, Apple and Cinnamon Pudding 110gm

A fabulous version of a contemporary Christmas Pudding

Christmas Puddings for your Christmas tables and Guest Turndowns

Chocolate Truffle Pillow Pack The Gourmet Merchant

Chocolate Truffle Pudding with Grand Marnier 100 gm pillow pack

Christmas Puddings Partridge in a Pear Tree Pillow Pack Gourmet Merchant

“Partridge in a Pear Tree” Classic Christmas Pudding 100 gm pillow pack.

And for people who don’t really like Christmas Pudding

fig and walnut dessert pudding with liqueur muscat the gourmet merchant

Fig and Walnut Dessert with Liqueur Muscat

Chocolate truffle pudding with Grand Marnier

Chocolate Truffle & Grand Marnier Dessert Pudding

Galliano and Fruit Cakes and Puddings The Goumet Merchant

Galliano and Fruit Chocolate Puddings 500g

What makes our Christmas Puddings the first choice for so many fine food retailers and hamper and corporate gift companies

From production all the way through to delivery, we’ve got it sorted - and have done for more than twenty years

1. We are HACCP accredited.

Our Christmas Puddings are made by us in our kitchen to full HACCP accreditation.

In fact we were one of the first food companies to pursue and gain HACCP accreditation.

2 The finest local and imported ingredients.

We use the best local and imported ingredients in our Christmas Puddings.

Some of those ingredients include treats like Grand Marnier, Galliano, Cointreau - and of course Gippsland’s very own Hatlifter Stout.

3. Scrumptious Traditional and Contemporary Christmas Pudding Recipes.

Product development has always been central to what we do at The Gourmet Merchant.

In our own kitchens we make some classic Christmas Pudding masterpieces, but also some great contemporary style puddings for people who prefer something different.

And there are gluten-free options as well

4. Christmas Puddings in Brilliant award-winning packaging.

Sure, we have some traditional presentations such as Christmas Puddings in Cloth and in Hessian, but our packaged Christmas Puddings have real eye-grabbing power for our retail clients.

And there’s no more to be done if you’re looking for striking corporate gifts or something extra special for your hampers.

BTW, call us on 03 9459 1033 to see how we can customise your corporate gifts with your company id.

5. Service

We have worked with major retailers, smaller food outlets, specialty retailers, food service, corporate gift and hamper companies for many many years, making sure their Christmas is a happy one.

We know the pressure they are under, and we are geared up to get our products to them when they need them.

Nigella loves our Christmas Puddings - and other fascinating facts

Our “Partridge in a Pear Tree” packaging for our Christmas puddings, cakes and other Christmas goodies have won a Packaging Council Award.

We were the first company to package our Christmas Puddings in gorgeous presentation boxes.

Prior to our entry into the market place, all competitive Christmas Puddings were presented in a very traditional, "cottagey" presentation, with calico and ribbons.

We set the standard which now many others have followed.

Our award winning packaging has enabled our products to become the focal point for instore displays in retail stores such as David Jones.

An alcohol free version of our Classic Christmas Puddings have been given as gifts to valued clients of the only 7 star hotel in the world, the famous burj-al-arab in Dubai.

We were the first Australian producer selling Christmas Puddings to Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, London.

At that stage, we were the only Australian producer selling Christmas Puddings, Great Australian Puddings, Chocolate Truffle and Fig and Walnut puddings into these retailers.

We were also approached by Harrods, Englands most famous retail brand, to produce private label Christmas Puddings and Cakes for them.

Nigella Lawson loves our Christmas Puddings

Nigella Lawson, the domestic goddess, wanted us to produce here in Australia private label Christmas Cakes and Christmas Puddings for her.

The only reason that did not go ahead, was the tyranny of distance, producing and transporting from Australia, paying the EU tariffs etc, made the project financially unviable.

Maybe Brexit will make it feasible.

Many of our Christmas Puddings and desserts really do contain Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Galliano

And speaking of quality, we hold international licences from the makers of Grand Marnier, Marnier Lapostolle to proudly bear the famous Grand Marnier trademark on our range of Chocolate Truffle Desserts (flavoured with Grand Marnier).

We hold similar licences from Remy Martin for products using Cointreau, and from the makers of the aromatic Italian liqueur Galliano for a range of desserts, cakes and dessert sauces.

We are very proud to be partnered with these internationally renowned names.

Our Chocolate Truffle Dessert has had a Royal Command Performance

Our wonderful Chocolate Truffle Dessert flavoured with Grand Marnier has been served to the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and (then) Camilla Parker-Bowles at an Anglo Australian function in London, with apparently unanimous delight.

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