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Humbugs and Rock Candy

Confectionery Humbugs Rock Candy The Gourmet Merchant

Traditional hand made boiled sweets, intensely flavoured and packaged in striking glass jars (110g net)

Bullseyes Humbugs

Pink Grapefruit Rock Candy

Chocolate Rock Candy

Festive Humbugs

Aniseed Humbugs

Sherbet Allsorts

Celtic Creams (with Bailey’s)

Choc Mint Humbugs

Citrus Rock Candy

Watermelon Rock Candy

Raspberry Humbugs


Confectionery Lollipop Lolita Love Heart The Gourmet Merchant

Plaisir d'Amour Heart

Musk and Vanilla

Lolita's Love Heart

Cranberry Musk and Vanilla

Confectionery Lollipops Pretty In Pink The Gourmet Merchant

Pretty in Pink Flowers

Musk and Vanilla

Confectionery Lollipops Christmas Trees The Gourmet Merchant

Christmas Tree Lollipops

Cranberry and Vanilla Mistletoe Trees

Confectionery Lollipop Rainbow The Gourmet Merchant

Rainbow Swirl Lollipop


Desserts Brownie Mix Chocolate Coconut Gourmet Merchant

Chocolate Brownie Mixes

Chocolate Brownie Mixes

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