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snack packs Herb Chilli, Garlic Lime Cashews the gourmet mertchant

Herb Chilli, Garlic Lime Cashews

The world’s best-loved nuts are dry roasted in a delicious mix of herbs, chilli and garlic with just a dash of lime.

The result, cashews with an irresistible, well-rounded favour and a bit of a kick.

Try stopping at just one!

snack packs wasabi mixthe gourmet mertchant

Wasabi Mix

If you’re looking for a snack with a kick, try this crunchy spicy mix of Wasabi Peas, Broad Beans and Chilli Corn

- a sure way to liven up your taste buds.


snack packs peanut butter nuggets the gourmet mertchant

Peanut Butter Nuggets

These puffed parcels of delight are filled with scrumptious peanut butter, crunchy on the outside and super creamy on the inside.

A sweet and salty taste sensation that’s hard to resist


snack packs seaweed rice crackers the gourmet mertchant

Seaweed Rice Crackers


These colourful crunchy rice crackers are the quintessential snack food and perfect entertainer!

For after school snacks or for party platters, their colourful shapes and sizes make them a fun addition for entertaining.

snack packs salted pretzels the gourmet mertchant

Salted Pretzels

These curiously shaped perennial favourites have been around for generations, and are loved by everyone.

These moorish golden toasted savoury bites are the perfect snack for every occasion.


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