Henry Langdon Sea Salt Flakes | Salt Rubs

Perfect with barbequed meats and fish.


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Chilli Garlic Sea Salt Rub

230 grams

Made from Australian sea salt flakes, dried chillies and garlic, this versatile blend adds a spicy kick when used as rub for meat, seafood, or vegetables, or try it sprinkled on top of pasta with breadcrumbs and parmesan for a fiery pangrattato.

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Rosemary Sea Salt Rub

150 grams

Nothing says Sunday Roast quite like the herbaceous, mouth-watering aromas of rosemary and sea salt. A timeless classic for seasoning meat, poultry and roast vegetables. Be as generous as you like with this one!

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Smoked Paprika Sea Salt Rub

180 grams

Using a natural cold, smoking process, Spanish paprika takes on deep flavour intensity and vibrant colour, balanced by sweet basil and crunchy sea salt flakes. Meat, poultry, eggs, soups, legumes, avocado, potatoes and seafood come alive.

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Coriander Chilli Kaffir Sea Salt Rub

Coriander Chilli Kaffir Sea Salt Rub

140 grams

Add a Thai twist with this blend of coriander, chilli, kaffir lime and Australian sea salt. Rub generously into meat, chicken, seafood, sprinkle on poke bowls and sashimi, or add zesty seasoning to vegetable stir-fries or rice dishes.

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Cracked Black Pepper Sea Salt Rub

Cracked Black Pepper Sea Salt Rub

215 grams

This classic bistro blend of delicate Australian sea salt flakes and coarse black pepper is a kitchen staple. Ideal for pan frying or searing meat on the BBQ, or simply as a convenient way to season any dish with a single pinch.

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Australian Lemon Myrtle & Sea Salt Rub


Drizzle meat, vegetables or potatoes with oil and rub generously with Henry Langdon Australian Lemon Myrtle & Sea Salt rub, then roast, grill or BBQ.