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Pure Cocoa

160g tin
Exactly that, 100% Pure cocoa. The deep brown contours of Henry Langdon's Pure Cocoa reveal a distinctive chocolate bouquet and upon tasting, an intense chocolate flavour. Ideal for baking.and in in your favorite hot chocolate, iced cocoa or any of the thousands of gourmet recipes that call for a quality cocoa powder.

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Honey Chai Latté

280g Tin
A sweet blend of chai style spices with an extra hint of honey combines the perfect blend of spices to create a beautifully rounded chai latte then added an extra level to the experience with the natural sweetness of honey. A full flavoured and authentic Chai experience.

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Cocoa Chai

160 grams

Made with authentic Indian chai spices, including cinnamon, aniseed and cardamon, velvety tones of pure cocoa add a chocolatey smoothness that is both decadent and completely irresistible.

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Drinking Chocolate

285g Tin
Pure Cocoa combined with crystals of pure dark chocolate.
This combination is guaranteed to satisfy any hot chocoholic. You get the full rich flavour of the traditional Henry Langdon Pure Cocoa with the added indulgence of smooth dark chocolate. Just add a few heaped spoons to hot, frothy milk. The result is a smooth, full bodied hot chocolate you will not want to share with the children!
Take it a step further and put some in a blender with vanilla ice cream and milk for the best chocolate smoothie ever.

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Chai Latté

280g Tin
Henry Langdon has combined the perfect blend of spice and flavours for a full flavoured and authentic chai experience with the natural sweetness of honey.
The Henry Langdon Chai Latte has been developed to capture the authentic flavours of India. Made using the freshest spices available, including cinnamon, aniseed, ginger, cloves, cardamom and fennel combined with black tea and honey, the Henry Langdon Chai Latte makes a warming, invigorating beverage. Traditionally made with a blend of half milk and half water, but for a richer drink, make it using all hot milk. Try Chai Latte next time you feel like having a hot chocolate. You might be surprised.

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Vanilla Chai Latté

280 grams
The decadence of our signature chai latte goes up a notch with the addition of velvety vanilla bean. A creamy, sweetly aromatic and more complex drinking experience. Delectably comforting, enjoy hot or even sprinkle on premium ice cream.