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Tin Shed Charcuterie’s Pâtés, Terrines, Rillettes and Pork Pies

The Gourmet Merchant is your Victorian distributor for the Tin Shed Charcuterie

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Tin Shed Charcuterie Rillette Duck The Gourmet Merchant

Duck Rillette

with Juniper Berries


Tin Shed Charcuterie Rillette Rabbit The Gourmet Merchant

Rabbit Rillette

with Preserved Lemon and Thyme


Tin Shed Charcuterie Rillette Salmon The Gourmet Merchant

Salmon Rillette


Tin Shed Charcuterie Rillette Pork The Gourmet Merchant

Pork Rillette



Duck Liver Pâté

with Armagnac and Orange


Tin Shed Charcuterie Pate Chicken Liver The Gourmet Merchant

Chicken Liver Pâté

with Port and Juniper


Tin Shed Charcuterie Terrine Cranberry Lemon Thyme The Gourmet Merchant


Cranberry Lemon and Thyme 90g

Terrines also available as -

  • Terrine De Campagne
  • Duck, Pork, Cranberry, Pistachio
  • Venison, Pork and Apricot
  • Chicken, Pork and Cranberry

Individual Pork Pies

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