We distribute the Henry Langdon Range in Victoria Tasmania and South Australia

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Middle Eastern Spice Rub

115 grams

At the culinary crossroads of Moorish, Berber and Arabian cuisines, this complex spice blend brings mild heat and fullness of flavour to tanginess, grilled meats, legumes, couscous and vegetable dishes. Rub into lamp chops and BBQ for a quick and easy taste sensation.

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Mexican Spice Rub

110 grams

Herbs, toasted spices and citrus are the hero ingredients of this versatile spice blend which is more about vibrant flavours than it is about the heat. The perfect partner for chicken, pork, steak, prawns, mince, corn and even refried beans, this will add an authentic kick to healthy burrito bowls, fresh tacos and cheesy enchiladas.

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120 grams

Enhance just about any dish with sprinkle of Egyptian Dukkah. Serve with olive oil and crusty French bread as part of a classic mezze platter, or sprinkle over eggs, smashed avocado, salads, soups, dips and roast vegetables for an earthy, crunchy and utterly moreish addition.

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Greek Gyros Spice Rub

100 grams

Transport your taste buds to Mykonos with this authentic, Greek family favourite. For classic souvlaki, combine with oil and marinate lamb or chicken and BBQ over charcoal. An all-purpose seasoning, combine with lemon juice and baste grilled vegetables, sprinkle over Sunday roast, or enhance tomato-based sauces.

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Smokey BBQ Spice Rub

140 grams

For the Pitmaster in your family, this smokey, sweet BBQ blend packs just the right amount of heat. Dry-rub onto steaks, brisket, chicken, lamb or pork ribs and leave overnight for the flavour to infuse. Smoke or grill on an oiled BBQ and serve with a side of coleslaw. Mix with olive oil for a marinade to brush on seafood and vegetables.

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